How to Edit OpenWRT LAN IP address

How to Edit OpenWRT LAN IP address

To change the IP address of your OpenWRT router, you could edit it through the SSH or plug the keyboard and monitor to your custom build router.

Step 1: type in vi /etc/config/network in your console, then press ENTER

Step 2: Press “i” on your keyboard to enable edit mode, then change the IP address to whatever you want.

Step 3: Press “Esc” key, type :wq (w means write, q means quit), then press ENTER to apply.

Last Step: type in reboot to reboot your router, then you can log in to your router with the new IP address.

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2 thoughts on “How to Edit OpenWRT LAN IP address

  1. I noticed that I needed to type a “:” instead of pressing ESC in order to issue the “wq” command. Pressing ESC-w did nothing, pressing ESC-q gave me an error message stating ” ‘q’ was not implemented”.

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