Easily Set Up WireGuard VPN on Unraid

Easily Set Up WireGuard VPN on Unraid

WireGuard is officially supported in the Unraid 6.8+ version. With the free DDNS provider Duck DNS, you can quickly and freely access resources at home through WireGuard VPN, which is very convenient. I won’t write the tutorial, because Unraid posted a great blog, you can follow the tutorial provided by Unraid to set up your WireGuard.

Official Blog URL: https://unraid.net/blog/wireguard-on-unraid

The general idea here is to use DuckDNS as DDNS, then create a WireGurad profile and add a peer to it. Then forward your 51820 UDP port on your router. Finally, use your phone or PC scan the QR code and add the profile to finish the setup.

Step 1: DuckDNS

Everyone’s home network has an IP address, but this address is usually very long and consists of all numbers, which is very difficult to remember, so we use the free DuckDNS service to give our IP address an easy-to-remember alias.

First log in to the DuckDNS website https://www.duckdns.org/, create your account, and then you can create your second-level domain name.

Then search for DuckDNS in unraid APPS and install it. Fill in your SUBDOMAINS and TOKEN during installation to complete the dynamic domain name resolution.

Step 2: WireGuard

First search for “Dynamix WireGuard” in APPS and install it, then go to SETTING ->VPN Manager.

Then give the tunnel a name, generate a key, and fill in the Duck DNS domain name just applied for in the local endpoint.

After that, forward UDP port 51820 on your router. This step is very important!

Then you can activate your WireGuard, and turn on the AutoStart to ensure that you can access it at all times in the future.

Step 3: Adding Peer

Click the “ADD PEER” button below, add a name, select “Remote access to LAN” as the mode, and generate a Key.

Note: “Remote tunneled access” can also be selected in the connection type to enhance security, but it is not necessary.

After that, we click on the small eye symbol on the right side of Peer, scan the QR code with the mobile app, and download the configuration file on the computer to import it.

Then we are all set, now you can access your home resources such as media files or NAS via WireGurad VPN.




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