Creating OpenWrt VM on Unraid

Creating OpenWrt VM on Unraid

Hello, As we all know, OpenWrt is a well-known open source router system, and Unraid is also a well-known three-in-one system of NAS, virtual machine, and docker. Both systems have many users. In this post, I will show you how to run OpenWrt as a virtual machine in Unraid.

First of all, we need to download the x86_64 image from the OpenWrt official website. Here I choose the 19.07 version. If you have the ability to compile your own OpenWrt image, this also works.

OpenWrt 19.07 Download URL:

Then, we unzip the img.gz file into an img file and copy it to the Unraid shared folder.

Now, we are going to Unraid VMS page to create a new VM.

Then we select “Linux”.

Now, I give 2 threads and 1 GB Ram to the OpenWrt VM. Since OpenWrt is an IMG file instead of an ISO file, so make sure you change “Primary vDisk Location” to Manual and select the IMG file that you upload previously. In addition, make sure you change the BIOS to “SeaBIOS” to enable legacy support.

Then, config the network based on your usage, for my demo purpose, I just leave it as default, then you can go ahead to create this VM.

Then you can see the OpenWrt VM is up to running, and click the icon and click VNC Remote to access the console.

Or you can type in the IP address to your browser and start to use your OpenWrt. Normally is, but if this IP address conflict with your current network setup, please read this post and change your OpenWrt address:

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